• Julia Gash Julia created Cityscapes: Map-like illustrations of specific cities, towns or buildings from around the world.
  • Katie O'Shea Design Katie creates detailed and vibrant patterns and illustrations inspired by flora and fauna landscapes, and surprising colour combinations.
  • Julie Marie Design Julie works with fluid mediums such as alcohol inks to create free-flowing abstract artworks.
  • King Charles III Coronation This limited-edition range celebrated King Charles' love for nature and includes images of his beloved animals. which are also key symbols of our Great Britain
  • Katie O'Shea Katie O'Shea is an American print and pattern designer living in northern California.
  • Lauren Thorley lauren's first collection features sea creatures created using stippling. delicate yet awe-inspiring, each sea creature became a labour of love.
  • Urban Illustration Urban Illustration showcases places using the urban landscape as the inspiration.
  • Rosie Smith Giftware Inspired by wildlife from the British countryside, this unassumingly beautiful collection featured birds, stags, and hares.
  • Elizabeth Olwen Elizabeth Olwen is a Canadian print and pattern designer. She prides herself on creating highly considered patterns infused with hearts and souls.
  • Urban Illustration The bright colours and bold geometric designs show off each place across a range of sleek products.
  • Rosie Smith Giftware Rosie Smith is a UK-based artist who creates expressive wildlife watercolours.
  • Elizabeth Olwen Elizabeth's collection is a super groovy and sparkly collection inspired by our deep connections to each other, to nature, and to the cosmos.
  • Lauren Thorley is a Sheffield-based illustrator. working on many mediums, wildlife and nature is Lauren's main inspiration which she says is her 'delight day to day'
  • Julie Marie Design Julie Marie is a Danish-born artist living and working from her home studio in the blue mountains, Australia.
  • King Charles III Coronation The ornate designs intertwine with one another to create a subtle and elegant repeat pattern, coupled with a contemporary take on a regal colour pallet.
  • Julia Gash The whimsical illustrations communicate a child-like vision and offer a playful and honest interpretation of the world in which we live.
  • Julia Gash King Charles III Collection introducing the limited edition Julia Gash giftware range, designed to celebrate the King's coronation

Ethical, creative giftware ranges from artists around the globe

We licence artists and promote their creative work on an array of printed products. 
We provide beautiful range of ethically sourced products printed with the designs of creative distinguished artists from around the world.

Featured Artist

Julia Gash

Julia Gash produces charming child-like illustrations that capture her love of maps, British heritage, and world cultures.


As well as licensing our existing artist portfolio we are always on the look out for new and exciting licensing partners to join the team. We can produce new and exciting products to meet your creative requirements. Commissions can range from an individual piece to a collection or ongoing series.
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KiLife Sustainable Award Nomination

Through a commitment to a clean and ethical supply chain, we lead the way in providing eco conscious, beautifully designed giftware ranges with minimal environmental impact. Hence, we are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the KiLife Sustainable Awardยฎ   KiLife Sustainable Award  The prize is designed and promoted by Kiki Lab […]

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Our FAQ page includes questions that our team gets frequently asked by our clients. This includes questions about our products, services, deliveries, payments and many more. Here are a few of our top FAQs.   Can we have a personalised design?   Yes, two of our artists are destination based can create artworks bespoke to you, whether […]