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About Parkwood Springs

Ethically Sourced Licensed Merchandise

We licence artists and promote their creative work on an array of printed products. We provide beautiful ranges of ethically sourced products printed with the designs of creative distinguished artists from around the world.

As textile and print specialists, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. All of our products are made with the utmost care to the environment and consideration to the individuals involved in the manufacturing supply chain.

Display our creative ranges in your store. Our products are designed to suit all types of clientele, from museums, to gift shops, through to tourist attractions. Enquire here to speak to our team about our product ranges. 

Julia Gash products
Julia Gash Products
Julia Gash products

Are you an artist?

Enhance your reach

We represent artists and illustrators across the globe. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality products that accurately represent your design. Licensing artwork gives artists more exposure by getting their art in front of more people, therefore strengthening the fanbase and enhancing reach.