Our Artists

At Parkwood Springs, we are passionate about working with talented artists from around the world to create sustainable and visually stunning products. Our in-house design team is made up of textile and print specialists who are committed to showcasing the unique styles and creativity of our artists. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and are always exploring new ways to improve our sustainability practices. From Elizabeth Olwen's emotionally infused patterns to Katie O'Shea's nature-inspired artwork, our range of products reflects the diverse talents and passions of our team. Browse our brochure and range to discover the beauty and sustainability of our products.

Elizebeth Olwen

Elizabeth Olwen is a Canadian print and pattern designer based on Lisbon with a passion for creating visually stunning designs. With her exceptional eye for detail, Elizabeth imbues her patterns with a unique blend of creativity and emotion, always striving to create pieces that inspire joy and beauty.
Throughout her career, Elizabeth has become known for her highly considered patterns that are infused with heart and soul. Whether she's designing for home decor, paper, fabric, or bedding, Elizabeth always approaches her work with a deep appreciation for the power of design to uplift and inspire.

Julia Gash

Julia Gash, a talented artist, produces charming child-like illustrations that capture her love of maps, British heritage, and world cultures. She uses brush and ink to create her original designs, which she then digitizes for print on various contemporary giftware. Julia's distinctive handwriting is visible in her spirited and imaginative line drawings, which feature flat and textured color palettes that translate seamlessly into screen printing.

Julie Marie Design

Julie Marie Hansan is a talented artist who was born in Denmark and now lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia. She works from her home studio, where she creates stunning artwork using fluid mediums such as alcohol inks.
Julie's art is characterized by its vibrant colors and fluid, organic shapes. She finds working with inks to be therapeutic, as it allows her to immerse herself in the creative process and connect with her inner self. 

Katie O'Shea

Katie O'Shea is an American print and pattern designer who is passionate about creating beautiful and meaningful artwork that is rooted in nature. Currently based in Northern California, Katie has built a successful career in the design industry by following her true passion for creating art inspired by the world around her.
With a background in graphic design, Katie brings a unique perspective to her work, combining technical skill with an intuitive understanding of colour, texture, and form.

Lauren Thorley

Lauren Thorley is a talented illustrator based in Doncaster, UK. She finds her biggest inspiration in nature, which is evident in her beautiful artwork. She works in various mediums, including watercolor and ink, to create stunning illustrations that capture the beauty of wildlife and nature.
Lauren's love of nature is a central theme in her work, which she describes as her refuge and daily delight. She expertly combines intricate details with soft, flowing lines to bring her illustrations to life.

Parkwood Springs

At Parkwood Springs, our in-house design team is made up of talented and distinguished artists from around the world. Our team of textile and print specialists is committed to creating beautiful and sustainable products that showcase the unique styles and creativity of our artists while respecting the environment and the individuals involved in our supply chain. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and are always exploring new ways to improve our sustainability practices. 

Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith is a talented artist, writer, and educator based in Sheffield, UK. Her passion for art and creativity was evident from a young age, and she pursued her interests by studying Fine Arts at University. Since then, Rosie has established herself as a respected member of the creative community, exhibiting her work at galleries across the country and contributing to various artistic projects.

Urban Illustration

Urban Illustration creates map-like illustrations of cities, towns, and other locations worldwide. This unique and modern brand boasts a talented team of designers who reimagine each location by creating a bright and bold geometric illustration inspired by their shared passion for urban environments and architecture.
Urban Illustration products are widely available in gift shops, museums, and tourist attractions globally. Proudly designed, printed, and manufactured in the UK.