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Ethically Sourced Licensed Merchandise

PWS Meet the team: Dan

Playful. Ethical. Collaborative. Ive been lucky enough to join the business just as we look to start working with a local luxury chocolate brand, so testing that product has been a highlight. We work so closely with our artists and clients that the old cliché of “No two days are the same” really feels like […]

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KiLife Sustainable Award Nomination

Through a commitment to a clean and ethical supply chain, we lead the way in providing eco conscious, beautifully designed giftware ranges with minimal environmental impact. Hence, we are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the KiLife Sustainable Award®   KiLife Sustainable Award  The prize is designed and promoted by Kiki Lab […]

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New Years Celebrations Around the world

New year’s traditions vary from country to country.  From fun, quirky traditions to more unusual customs, we’ve pulled together a list of interesting New Year’s traditions from different countries. From food-oriented traditions to traditions that take place in your own home, there’s a myriad of new year’s traditions which happen around the world that bring […]

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PWS’ Top Frequently Asked Question’s  

Our FAQ page includes questions that our team gets frequently asked by our clients. This includes questions about our products, services, deliveries, payments and many more. Here are a few of our top FAQs.   Can we have a personalised design?   Yes, two of our artists are destination based can create artworks bespoke to you, whether […]

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