introducing Lauren Thorley

📢We are very excited to announce our collaboration with the talented and up and coming artist Lauren Thorley Continue reading this blog to find out more about Lauren, her story and her inspiration.
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.
Hi! I'm Lauren, an illustrator based in Sheffield. I moved here after graduating from Sheffield Hallam, and originally hail from Manchester. My illustration business stems from selling my artwork as prints, alongside bespoke commissions for people and a few editorial spots - and now, a product range!
  1. What inspires you (your work)?
Nature has always been the biggest driving force behind my work, and I'm happiest when working with it as a subject matter. I love exploring the different ways I can capture its diverse subjects, and if I can't be in it - drawing it is the next best thing, and brings the same kind of calm and mindfulness.
  1. What does your art mean to you?
Art is an escape for me, even now it's my occupation. Taking time to yourself to create is a hugely important thing I think - no matter what it is you make in the end. For the pieces I make for my range with PWS I get into an almost meditative state, and then seeing the finished artwork is very satisfying.
  1. What materials and techniques do you predominantly use in making your designs?
While most of my recent work is digital (I use a tablet and Photoshop), creating this range for PWS has been fab as it's gotten me back to pen and paper. I use fineliners to create the stipple pieces, and end up going through quite a lot in the process!
  1. What has been your favorite artistic experience over the last 12 months?
Since restrictions have eased from the pandemic, I have LOVED getting back to doing fairs. It's so lovely to be out with my work, chatting to people and other creators. It's very valuable to talk directly to prospective clients or buyers, and it's always exciting to see what unique stalls will be at each one.
  1. Of the range that you currently offer with PWS, which is your favourite product?
I really love the set of three tea towels with my lobster design on them. The single placement of the full illustration is the best way to see the detail of the drawing, and the other two really complement it to make a lovely set!
  1. How did you keep going and stay motivated during the Covid 19 lockdowns?
For all the difficulties it brought, the various lockdowns we went through gave me a great opportunity to focus on my illustration. I was lucky enough to be furloughed throughout the first one from my job at the time, so I got the chance to really knuckle down to produce a lot of work and create a plan for my business.
  1. What are your future plans?
I am planning to work with PWS on developing more ranges of my artwork, get to making some seasonal collections and really grow my catalogue! Alongside the work I do with PWS I'm continuing to work on the commission side of my business and expand my portfolio of editorial and commercial work.
  1. What are you looking forward to the most working with PWS?
I can't wait to see my artwork physically on this range of products! I'm very excited to see where they end up.
  1. Why did you choose to license your artwork with PWS?
I chose PWS to license my artwork because I really appreciate their commitment to sustainability. As a nature lover, I'm very invested in the health of our planet so it's great to still be able to produce products, but with a mindful attitude towards the environment. If you are interested in Lauren's work you can find her here. Website: Instagram: @thorleyillustration Facebook: @thorleyillustration

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