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Julia Gash products

About Julia Gash

Julia’s child like illustrations are created using brush and ink, which are digitized for print onto a range of contemporary giftware. Her distinctive handwriting is expressed as spirited and creative line drawings with flat and textured colour palettes that translate well into the medium of screen print. 

Hand drawn illustrations capture Julia’s love of maps, British heritage as well as a keen interest in world culture. The whimsical illustrations communicate a child-like vision and offer a playful and honest interpretation of the world in which we live.

Beautifully British
Julia Gash products

A cyclist wearing a hat can be found in all of Julia’s “Cityscapes”. This little figure symbolizes Julia: travelling around the world through her art.

Julia Gash sketch of man riding a bike

Green & Clean

The artwork Julia has created is available on a range of sustainable and stylish souvenirs, which have been manufactured by our trusted third party factories and print houses.   

Julia Gash products

Stock Julia Gash In Your Store

Julia Gash's products in store
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If you are interested in stocking the award winning Julia Gash range of contemporary and sustainable giftware in your store please contact us.

Discover more of Julia’s work on her social media