New range: Julia Gash x Queen Jubilee Collection

Julia Gash x Queen Jubilee Collection  

Parkwood Spring’s artist Julia Gash has created a Platinum Jubilee collection in honor of the Queen of England: Elizabeth II, in celebration of Her Majesty’s service to her people and country for 70 years.  

The Giftware of the Year award winner’s artwork has a playfulness, honesty and tenderness that connects with people’s hearts and is evident in her illustrations of the Queen. Julia created a collection to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 2012 and now 10 years on, Julia’s artwork continues to offer a unique vision of the world in which we live and one in which HRH Queen Elizabeth II continues to reign with dignity and resilience.  


There are four designs to choose from including God Save the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Coat of Arms and Queen Elizabeth II on Horseback. These designs are available on various printed textile and giftware products such as cotton tote bags, mugs, magnets, makeup bags and many more. This unique and celebratory collection would be a perfect fit for gift shops around the globe that are joining the Jubilee celebrations. Let us have a look at each design of this beautiful collection.  


God Save The Queen 

In the ‘God Save The Queen’ artwork, Julia has drawn a portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth, at her coronation, sat on the royal throne, with sceptre and orb in hand.   In the background there is a glorious rainbow around The Queen which includes the words of the British national anthem. As such, Julia links the Queen’s past with the present, with the rainbow acting as a reminder of her reigning over adversity during the recent times of loss and lockdowns.  The rainbow is meant as a symbol of the Queen’s stoicism and optimistic nature. 


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 

Julia has created an endearing portrait of the Queen in present times. Surrounded by a blue circle, representing the globe, and laced with a gold olive branch, the illustration shows Her Majesty as a world peacemaker.  Julia’s naïve illustration reminds us of a kitsch, snow globe, one of millions of souvenirs decorated with the images of the Queen throughout her lifetime and which enables people to find a meaningful connection with their monarch, as does this delightful illustration of Her Majesty. 


HRH Coat of Arms 


Julia has drawn Her Majesty’s coat of arms in her iconic, naïve style of illustration. Moreover, the lion and unicorn flank the shield, which is quartered into symbols of the four nations and topped with her crown. Drawn in regal purple, gold, pillar box red and azure blue, Julia’s artwork conveys a royal heritage with a modern twist.   

Queen Elizabeth II on Horseback 


The Queen’s love of horses is renowned and throughout her life she has been an ever-present figure at equine events.  She has often been photographed riding and caring for horses and here Julia has drawn a young Queen Elizabeth riding side-saddle through London on one of her beloved horses, in her military uniform with two guardsmen striding behind her. 

Is your gift shop ready for the Queens Platinum Jubilee? 

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