Ethically Sourced Licensed Merchandise

Introducing Cherith Harrison

This month, Parkwood Springs is thrilled to unveil its latest addition - the remarkable Cherith Harrison! After admiring Cherith's work for quite some time, we are delighted to collaborate and introduce you to our new range of products. You can explore the collection here, which includes a launch bundle offering our partners a comprehensive selection […]

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PWS Meet the team: Dan

Playful. Ethical. Collaborative. Ive been lucky enough to join the business just as we look to start working with a local luxury chocolate brand, so testing that product has been a highlight. We work so closely with our artists and clients that the old cliché of “No two days are the same” really feels like […]

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KiLife Sustainable Award Nomination

Through a commitment to a clean and ethical supply chain, we lead the way in providing eco conscious, beautifully designed giftware ranges with minimal environmental impact. Hence, we are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the KiLife Sustainable Award®   KiLife Sustainable Award  The prize is designed and promoted by Kiki Lab […]

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New Years Celebrations Around the world

New year’s traditions vary from country to country.  From fun, quirky traditions to more unusual customs, we’ve pulled together a list of interesting New Year’s traditions from different countries. From food-oriented traditions to traditions that take place in your own home, there’s a myriad of new year’s traditions which happen around the world that bring […]

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PWS’ Top Frequently Asked Question’s  

Our FAQ page includes questions that our team gets frequently asked by our clients. This includes questions about our products, services, deliveries, payments and many more. Here are a few of our top FAQs.   Can we have a personalised design?   Yes, two of our artists are destination based can create artworks bespoke to you, whether […]

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Meet the team: Cristina, Business Development Manager

In this week’s blog, we are introducing Parkwood Spring’s Business Development Manager, Cristina Mocchetti. Read along to find out more about her interest and her role at PWS. Describe PWS in three words – It is a young, customer-oriented, contemporary company. What’s your favourite product? My favourite product is the Madrid Large Tote by Julia Gash, […]

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Best social media tips for small businesses 

With billions of active users, social media is getting bigger by the minute hence it’s here to stay. When it comes to marketing, it’s a cheap and effective way to reach lots of people. But with so many other businesses already out there on the internet, it might be tough to stand out. Therefore, achieving […]

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Favourite PWS Summer Products  

Summer is officially here and PWS has the perfect summer essentials for you. Whether you are planning a relaxing staycation or jet-setting to a far-away location, we have the best summer accessories for you and your customers.  Packing your catalogue or shop with the recommended products will ensure a steady trickle of sales throughout the […]

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PWS Spring News Updates

The Parkwood Springs team started the new year full steam ahead! We have attended trade shows all over the world and have launched some exciting new ranges. Read on to see what we’ve been up to over the past few months.    Tradeshows January through to March are known as ‘Tradeshow Season’. During these three months, […]

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New range: Julia Gash x Queen Jubilee Collection

Julia Gash x Queen Jubilee Collection   Parkwood Spring’s artist Julia Gash has created a Platinum Jubilee collection in honor of the Queen of England: Elizabeth II, in celebration of Her Majesty’s service to her people and country for 70 years.   The Giftware of the Year award winner’s artwork has a playfulness, honesty and tenderness […]

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New  ‘Sea Critters’ Range By Julia Gash  

We are very excited to present to you our new and exclusive ‘Sea Critter’ range by the award-winning artist Julia Gash. This is a unique summer giftware collection celebrating the UK's top coastal staycation locations. A spirited collection of crustaceans to accompany her astrological friend, hand-drawn in blank ink with splashes of neon pink and […]

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4 Tips to a Successful Pop-up Shop

The festive season is upon us and that means Christmas markets and pop-ups are in full swing. More and more people, love buying from pop-ups as they like to support small businesses and buy unique products. Hence, we were super excited to host our very first pop-up in Boots, in Victoria Center, Nottingham in collaboration with The Great British Pop Up. The […]

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Introducing Julie marie Hansan

We would like to welcome aboard to the PWS family, the artist Julie Marie Hansen. Julie Marie is a Danish-born artist living and working from her home studio in the Blue Mountains, Australia. She works with fluid mediums such as alcohol inks, which can be very therapeutic and offer a calming experience. This is the […]

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Introducing Elizabeth Olwen

We are very excited to welcome to our PWS family, the world-famous artists Elizabeth Olwen. She is best known for her colourful patterns and designs that can brighten up anyone's day. We've sat down with her this week to find out more about her life, inspirations and future plans. So read along to find out […]

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Meet the team: Dan, Business Development Manager

    In this week's blog, we are introducing Parkwood Spring's Business Development Manager, Dan Jackson Read on to find out more about his interests and his role at PWS.   What do you enjoy most about working at PWS I enjoy the collaborative, creative aspect of establishing a bespoke design which then is produced […]

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Introducing Rosie smith

  In this week's blog we are introducing one our new artists; Rosie Smith.   Rosie Smith is a UK based artist who creates expressive wildlife watercolours. Each piece of art is honest, and open, and infused with expressive movements intended to connect the beauty of the natural world to each and every one of us […]

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introducing Lauren Thorley

📢We are very excited to announce our collaboration with the talented and up and coming artist Lauren Thorley Continue reading this blog to find out more about Lauren, her story and her inspiration. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. Hi! I'm Lauren, an illustrator based in Sheffield. I moved here after graduating […]

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Parkwood Springs; an environmentally conscious business

There are many companies that print merchandise and giftware. However, unlike our competitors, here at Parkwood Springs, we produce exceptional merchandise by putting the environment first.  Ethical production and print quality are at the centre of everything we do. Likewise, PWS products are durable and long-lasting; using only the very best of mother nature’s ingredients that have been sourced specifically for their sustainability and decomposability credentials.   We pride ourselves […]

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Meet the team: Rachel, Business Development Manager

In this week’s blog, we are introducing Parkwood Spring’s Business Development Manager, Rachel Lee. Read along to find out more about her interest and her role at PWS. Hi Rachel, let’s begin!  Describe PWS in three words – Dynamic, Engaging, Fun What’s your favourite product? My favourite product is the Activity Pack. I like how it […]

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Introducing: Julia gash

HELLO FROM JULIA   Hello! I am a creative entrepreneur and British artist who is passionate about art and maps. I create hand-drawn illustrations using brush and ink, which offer a playful and honest vision of the world in which we live.       my work Over the past few years I have created […]

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Why You Should Licence Your Artwork.

Parkwood Springs is an artwork licencing agency, as an artist you may be wondering whether getting your artwork is a good idea. In this blog we will explain the benefits of getting your artwork licenced.   What is licencing? The definition is “Licencing is to authorize the use, performance, or release of (something).” When we […]

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Introducing Parkwood Springs

Parkwood Springs is an artist licensing company for all artists, new and established. We license artists, promote their work, and print your work onto sellable merchandise with our partner businesses. We are based in Sheffield.   Our partners are textile and print specialists who take their environmental responsibility seriously. All of our products are made […]

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