PWS Meet the team: Dan

Dan Laver scaled 1
  1. Describe PWS in three words

Playful. Ethical. Collaborative.

  • What's your fav product

Ive been lucky enough to join the business just as we look to start working with a local luxury chocolate brand, so testing that product has been a highlight.

  • What's your working day like?

We work so closely with our artists and clients that the old cliché of “No two days are the same” really feels like it applies. One day Ill be at a trade show meeting hundreds of new people, the next, Im stocking the shelves at a local store.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at PWS

Meeting and collaborating with so many different people. There are always so many great ideas and its fantastic to be able to see a line grow and evolve by listening to feedback from our clients.

  • Fav place in Sheffield

Id love to say something more cultured, but if Im being truthful, it’s the Rutland Arms. Its been my favourite pub as far back as I can remember.

  • So far, what have you found the most exciting part about your role at PWS? And what are you looking forward to doing in the next year?

Being able to work with some amazing local makers as we introduce new product lines has been fantastic. Over the next year, Im looking forward to my turn at the international trade shows – just hope I find the time to get out and about!

  • What makes PWS products unique?

Its not an off the shelf product. We can listen to our clients and work with you to get the product right for your customers.

  • favorite travel destination 

Kavos, summer 1999. Ill never forget the bits that I remember.

  • What sustainability acts do you do in your daily life (recycle, thrift, repair clothes, buy less, buy Fairtrade or sustainable products, use reusable products etc.)

It’s a lot easier to be sustainable than ever but I think buying local is the best decision you can make. Firstly, the quality is almost always better, the money stays in your own economy and its one of the most sustainable changes that you can make. And if you’ve paid attention to supermarket prices, youll find that its been a lot less impacted by the raising prices than national brands.

  1. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I learned to skateboard at 40