Parkwood Springs was started with a desire to provide a springboard for artists to showcase their work on environmentally friendly giftware products.Ethical production and print quality is at the heart of everything. Products are durable and long lasting; using only the very best of mother nature’s ingredients that have been sourced specifically for their sustainabilityand decomposability credentials.


Through a commitment to a clean and ethical supply chain, we lead the way in providing eco conscious, beautifully designed giftware ranges with minimal environmental impact.


People are at the heart of our business. We only work with factories that can guarantee the safety and well being of each individual involved in making our products.

Raw Materials

The materials used is sourced responsibly from a sustainable supply chain.

Waste & Recyling

Reduce, recycle, and reuse is our mantra. Each process has been refined so waste is minimised.

Energy & Water

We protect water supplies through the use of effluent water treatment, rainwater harvesting and water recycling


All of our packaging is reused. We keep plastic packaging to a minimum and wherever possible it is recycled plastic.



We only work with factories and textile mills that have traceability throughout the supply chain and carry recognisable certifications like SEDEX and Fairtrade Certified whom ensure that working conditions are good for the workers.
Our UK partner factory recycles left over ink from print jobs and then converts to black to be re used on other projects.
Our UK Factory is GOTS certified by the Soil Association and is a Fairtrade Processor and as such operates to these higher standards.
Only Non-toxic dyes are used for producing coloured textile products.


The inks used for our all-over printed textile products carry the Standard 100 by Okeo-tex. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® authenticates the safety of chemicals used during the production of textile dyes, pigments and finishing agents.
Inks used for screen printed items are GOTS certified water-based inks.
Left over ink is recycled and used for other print jobs.


Rainwater harvesting and in house water recycling systems are used in our UK manufacturing factory to minimise water usage.
Goods are predominately manufactured in the UK to cut down carbon emissions from importing from overseas.
Our products are made to order so therefore we do not carry unnecessary amounts of stock as designs change through the seasons.
Throughout the supply chain, the manufacturing process incurs little wastage and the manufacturing process is sympathetic to the environment.


packaging where possible and if an item needs protection, an ecological option is sourced for example we can use potato starch cello bags on our art prints.
Goods are shipped and packaged in recyclable card packaging.
Shipping boxes are recycled from original suppliers.


We will uphold the highest levels of integrity, truthfulness, and honesty to inspire confidence and trust.
Only use suppliers which reflect our own values; all suppliers must be members of SEDEX.
Our entire team is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with confidence, fostering a culture of openness to help us become better.
We support our employees by being inclusive and enabling them to develop their careers.
Improve conditions of everyone along our entire supply chain.

Build long term partnerships with our licensed artists by being honest, straightforward, and transparent.
All employees are treated with dignity and respect with equal employment opportunities given to all irrespective of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital status, family status, disability, age, or national origin. Employees are offered a safe and healthy workplace and the company will not tolerate any form of harassment.
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees. This includes regular health and safety audits and safety training.

Sustainable Life

Our aim is to provide high end products that support the well being of those who make our business possible. This is why each and every product is accredited by Sustainable Life.

A label that has been founded out of a desire to promote businesses that positively produce. Sustainable Life only works with companies that can prove their products are good for the people making them and kind on the planet.

When deciding on suppliers it’s important they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment as much as possible and respect the workers involved in producing the cotton. It’s important to us that our whole supply chain has traceability.

Our print partners have a world-leading facility, ensuring that the garments not only fulfil the functionality demanded by the customer but also lessen the carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly print methods.