Why You Should Licence Your Artwork.

Parkwood Springs is an artwork licencing agency, as an artist you may be wondering whether getting your artwork is a good idea. In this blog we will explain the benefits of getting your artwork licenced.


What is licencing?

The definition is “Licencing is to authorize the use, performance, or release of (something).” When we talk about licencing artwork, we mean to sell the rights for someone to use that artwork in certain ways for a set period of time.

Why should I licence my artwork? 


  1. By having this protection, it allows you to have control over your work, so that it is not used by people or companies you do not wish to, also it will only be used in pre agreed ways, allowing you to protect your work.
  2. Licencing your work is beneficial financially, it gives you the opportunity to monetise your work in ways you may not have been able to do yourself, by creating new products depicting your work or allowing your work to be exposed to new markets.
  3. A licencing agency is knowledgeable on how to market and grow your business. With connections and market expertise, an agency can advise on the best avenues to explore for your artwork. You will be open to opportunities you may not have been able to find without the exposure, help, and connections of an agency.  
  4. Your agency will have great connections to manufacturers and suppliers who have a relationship that can give you a great price for creating products allowing you to create products, at a high quality and affordable price.



Get in touch 

If you have any more questions about licencing and how Parkwood Springs can help, get in touch with our contact form or you can email us at info@parkwood-springs.com or give us a call on 0114 698 0120.

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